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VHF Fixed Mount Marine Radios

The high performance Oricom Marine VHF radios are an essential part of your safety kit when on the water. Whether you are heading offshore or sailing inland waters, these radios ensure that in an emergency, you are only ever a distress call away from safety.

VHF Handheld Marine Radios

Built tough, these high quality Oricom Handheld Marine VHF radios are an essential part of your safety kit when on the water. The perfect solution for small watercraft that may not have electrical systems, or sufficient space for a fixed mount radio.

VHF Marine Antennas

The Oricom range of marine antennas are built tough to withstand the harshest marine environments. The antennas have been designed to suit marine radios. Available in VHF, AM/FM and 27MHz frequencies.

Marine Brackets

The MBL series of marine antenna brackets have been designed as a simple, plug and play solution to suit the Oricom range of Marine Antennas. Choose from single swivel and double swivel fold-down antenna mounting bases.


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Delkor Batteries

Delkor Marine & Leisure Batteries


Travel across the oceans with Delkor Marine & Leisure batteries. Developed with cutting-edge technology, they power up your fun adventures, offering steadfast power over long journeys and in all kinds of weather.

Perfect for marine craft and recreational vehicles. Perfect for the well-deserved leisure time you've been waiting for.


Key Benefits

  • Convenient maintenance-free battery, no topping up of fluid required
  • Reliable electrical performance with wrought grid plates
  • Added strength and vibration resistance with anchor bonding
  • Increased durability with high-strength polypropylene case
  • Enhanced safety with heat-sealed covers and built-in spark arrestor
  • Ideal for dual-power applications 


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Fusion Marine

A & M Marine is now stocking Fusion Marine products for your musical needs on your vessel.

The ultimate outboard motor

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